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About Us

North American Technology Exchange - NATEX

Giving Used Technology a New Life 

Founded by Wade S. Luther in February of 1996, North American Technology Exchange specializes in the end of life management of excess and obsolete technology inventory. 

We believe that every piece of technology should have a chance to be reused. Whether it is a stick of memory or a complete data center, we can offer customers a fair value for their equipment. Our first goal is to find reuse for the technology and that is what this site is about. Selling equipment back into the marketplace. All equipment comes with a 30 day warranty and can be returned if you are not completely satisfied. 

If the technology can not be resold then it is sent to our sister company, R2 Disassembly, LLC. R2 Disassembly, LLC is R2 certified, ISO 140001 and OSHAS 18001 state-of-the-art facility designed with the purpose of recycling end-of-life electronics in the United States .


Wade Luther, Founder & CEO

Wade Luther, founder and CEO of Urban Mining Resources and its subsidiaries, has had profit and loss responsibility in the secondary market for over 23 years. Wade gained his initial experience working with electronics in the military at National Security Agency in the late 80's. Upon leaving the government in 1991, he worked as founder and CEO at Columbia Computers in Columbia, Maryland. After selling his ownership in that corporation, he worked as a founder and principal at International Technology Exchange in Jessup, MD. He sold that company and then founded North American Technology Exchange in Boulder, Colorado in February, 1996. Wade has served as a member of the Governor’s Task Force For Recycling Electronics in Colorado and derives great pleasure in meeting with other entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss common experiences and exchange business ideas. As a serial entrepreneur, Wade views business as a creative endeavor, which has virtually infinite potential for the empowerment of the individual within the context of community.